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Hey guys,

I am building a computer for my grandfather, and I wanted to know if you guys had any suggestions for a good graphics card. He does a lot of image editing in photoshop, so I assume it will have to have a lot of memory. I personally have a GeForce 2 GTS card, and it works really well for what I use it for, but I am not sure if its right for him. If you have any suggestions about the card, or any of the components I am planning on using, let me know.


(Possible System)
30 Gig HD (probably IBM DTLA-307030)
256 MB RAM
Asus A7V Motherboard, Socket A, VIA KT133 chipset
1Ghz AMD Athlon
Running Windows 2000 w. SP1
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  1. I'm in the process of building a PC mainly for Photoshop use. I bought a Matrox 450 32Mb DDR, mostly through the advice gathered in this and other forums, since image quality, stability and color fidelity are main considerations. Also think in throwing in 256M of memory more...needed in Photoshop. To top it, maybe a second disk drive, in order to have the Photoshop scratch disk in a separate drive. Photoshop uses it to 'overflow' images when main memory is unavailable. Good luck.
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