Ati hd 6670 problem

So i bought recently this hd 6670 (2 weeks ago ) And i tested some games that need high system req to see if this card will run them . I got Battlefield 3 , set it at ultra with few settings off , ran well about 30 fps , then skyrim max settings , around 35-40 fps , Assassins creed revelations same highest settings , above 35 fps.
Now i stoped playing skyrim for few days and when i got back into it , game was running with 7 fps when i turned all to medium it got 13 fps IDK why this happened . Same to ASsassins creed all max running very very slow , its unplayable , below 15 fps
Please help me .. ah and btw , i overclocked the video card with msi afterburner and kombustor everything went very well , video card never got above 50c and all games went well after overclock . But when i stop playing one for few days , when i get back its unplayable.
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  1. what about psu and cpu
  2. Intel core 2 duo e7500 2.93 ghz , Overcloaked to 3.20 ghz
    2gb Ram
    550w psu
  3. Well i looked on the psu and i think its Powerlink? if thats the mark . And i ran the catalyst software , it said my driver is up to date , i will reinstall drivers and hope everything it's fine . When i bought the video card i told the guy i want gtx 550 ti , but he didnt have on stock, so id have to wait few months if i wanted the gtx 550 ti , so i got this 6670 instead , he said it wont have any bugs and i shouldnt generalize that ati has most of the bugs , but seems i was right , i had nvidia since my first pc and it had absolutely no problem , now when i got ati this happened , I hope this is only driver related , cuz i dont want to change my vd soon again
    And about the psu tell me if thats not the mark , i don't know much about my psu .
    Thanks in advance
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