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Good day guys. I just need some help on looking for a failry cheap graphics card ($100 below) that can handle online games like Tera Online/ Diablo 3/ Final Fantasy 14. My CPU specs are:

AM3 ECS MCP61M-M3 (V7.1)
AMD Athlon II X2 250 3.0GHz Dual Core
2g mem 1333 ddr3
250g HD Hitachi

Yeah I know it sucks, On the months to come I will save up to buy a newer CPU. I only have limited knowledge about graphics and stuff and I dont know which card would let me play those games at max settings.


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  1. The HD6750 should be able to play the games you listed well with high settings and comes under budget
  2. HD6670. No PSU upgrade required.
  3. Refillable, My PSU is an Aerocool Strike-X 600 WATTS.
    I've read good feedbacks on both HD6750 and HD6670. Thank you for those suggestions zero_ and omgitzfatal. How about NVIDIA cards?
  4. Good, even if there are no any problems you can go with 6970, but of course that'd be out of budget.

    The 6750 roughly equal to GTS 450, and as far as I know 6750 outperforms the GTS 450, one of the reason is that GTS 450 is older. AMD cards are also more efficient. Apparently there is no any GTS 5xx series (There is GT 545 which is probably the one which replaces the GTS 450 but as I search through newegg it seems like there are no retail version of the GT 545), so it's better to go with AMD.
  5. gtx 275
    it can play final fantsay 14 ok :/ i managed to get one for £40 offa friend (he ws trying to do sli with 3 of them but his psu wasnt good enough)
  6. Well basically, If you don't have the friend you can't right???
  7. After checking and researching on the suggested cards above,
    I am gonna get an HD6750 by next saturday. I give my thanks to all of you people for your suggestions. It really helped me a lot. Regards.
  8. yeoliji said:

    How about NVIDIA cards?

    There is NO Nvidia card worth the money under $170. At every price point below $170, AMD has a faster card for the same money.
  9. Get a 6870, MUCH better than 6750. Best bang for buck card out right now.

    159.99 with free shipping, you won't be disappointed.
  10. or a 6850 its pretty cheap as it has come down in price recently and will run everything you need without a problem for a decent price
  11. You're right zero_ NVDIA is out of my budget range as of the moment. I will stay out of it for the meantime until I have a better budget :P

    Those are really good ones diec4st and newbie1337, Its just that budget is kind of tight right now. Im saving up to upgrade my system. My other parts are getting kind of old as u can see from its specs. Last night I've read a lot of feeds on the HD6770. Whats your take on it guys?
  12. Well I thought you can't get a 6770, if you can, I will recommend that higher than 6750
  13. I was browsing through some articles and read about it. Some people said its under $100, So I guess if I find one I will go fot it then. Thanks again for the help guys.
  14. $100?

    The cheapest 6770 is this and it's $106.
    You can get them below $100, but with rebate.
  15. Why not pickup a 7750 if you have 100$ to spend?

    Uses less power and has better GPU architecture.
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