Do I have enough watts?

Hey, for my build I'm planning to get a 600W PSU. Is it enough or should I get more. I don't want to use more than €90/$90 dollars on the PSU.

Intel Core i7 3770
Asrock z77 Pro4-m
4GB, Corsair Vengeance
128GB, Crucial M4
2TB, Seagate Barracuda
Asus HD7850 DC2

I'm also planning to put some LED case fans and are there any recommendations for quiet CPU coolers?

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  1. Yes, 600 watts is enough. it'll work fine.
  2. For $90 you can get the Corsair TX650V2
    Its a very high quality unit & will provide enough power to your rig & will also be sufficient for two 7850s if you plan to crossfire in the future.

    As for the CPU cooler, the stock cooler should be silent enough & it cools well too.

    Edit: If you're looking for a cheaper PSU, then get the Seasonic M12II 520W
    Again, A very high quality unit, quite sufficient for you rig & its modular as well.
  3. 600W is plenty. That system shouldn't pull any more than 300W.

    CPU cooler - The stock cooler is fine in the vast majority of instances. You will only need an aftermarket cooler if you bought an OEM cpu, plan to overclock, or have a case with airflow restrictions/problems.
  4. Alright thanks everyone! :)
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