CM Storm Scout with Sapphite 7970

Hello guys.

Its the 1st time i am posting in your forum.
I would like to ask if i can fit in my storm scout case the gpu sapphire 7970.
Its 10.8 inches long and there isnt so much space in this case.
The manufactor says that it fit up to 10.6 inches gpu's.

So what can i do here ? i just bought the case and i dont want
to buy again a new 1 :P

Is any way i can cut the case without having any problems?Or do you have
any mod thought's ?

Thanks a lot,
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  1. It's going to interfere the HDD cage, if you can remove it and put the HDD up on the converted 5.25" to 3.5" bay you are good, but if you can't I don't think you can. Also what you can do is shave down the HDD rack.
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