HP w/AMD phenomIIX4 and Power upgrade problem.

Just joined even though I've been reading stuff here for years. Great Site!

I've got an HP Desktop that has an AMD phenom II x 4. It only has a 250 watt power supply.

I've been trying to upgrade the power supply and Graphics to something that will handle BF3. I tried the power supply first. It has a P4 cable that feeds the CPU its power. I bought an 800 watt Cosair last November and they would run great for a bit then go dead. (this is even with out adding a Graphics card as I'm still using the stock on-board graphics chipset.)

I went to Newegg twice with this and they replaced the PSU ... twice. The Third time :fou: the Newegg warranty was expired so I got a refund from Corsair.

Note: The Corsair I was trying out didn't have the P4 cable so I made one and used one of the 12 volt disk drive lines to feed the CPU as per Here: http://www.playtool.com/pages/psuconnectors/connectors.html#atx12v4

All three times= when I replaced the PSU with the orginal every thing worked fine!.. go figure??

So as a result- I can try another power supply or build a new computer.

I'd kinda like to just try another power supply. On Newegg I found a 550 watt power supply that has a P4 connector (Antec BP550) but my only worry is having enough Amperage to run whatever Graphics card I eventually choose for my BF3 game. I found some links on this site to P4 problems and some Antec PSU's were suggested but none are sold anymore. I guess the P4 connector is a thing of the past.

The reason for this Posting Is to see if anyone has had this experience upgrading an HP machine? :pt1cable: Anyone have a higher amperage PSU they'd like to part with that has a P4 connector and would handle a fast Amp devouring Graphics card? :hello:
This site has a great set of "smilies" (grin)
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  1. The 8 pin EPS connector is just two 4 pin P4 connectors side by side. Most PSU's come with the EPS that can be seperated into two p4 connecotrs and in their specs you'll see it listed as 4+4 EPS. A 4 pin EPS can be used in your p4 motherboard connector.

    If you dont overclock 450ish is more than enough for most GPU's and 600w would give you some overclocking headroom.
  2. Thanks...

    I'll most likely go with that 550 I mentioned. It has 3 rails of 12 volts which is more than the Corsair had at 800 watts.

    Next.. it's on to the graphics board selection. Lot's to choose from - lots of options, price ranges, and brands. Got to go with the suggestions EA has as I read that many have problems in the display area. High horsepower games are demanding.

    I'm really amazed at what they are doing in this field of home computers and games. :pt1cable:

    Thanks again Popatim

  3. More 12V rails is not better than a bigger single 12V rail
  4. I suppose it would depend on how their built coming out of the secondary of the transformer. Separate windings.. or sharing the same winding.

    I'll take it apart, if I can, when it gets here.

    Buzz :hello:
  5. :bounce:

    Got my new PSU.

    Yup.. it works fine and the Fan is soooo quiet. I had to check it with my hand to even see if it was running! :lol:

    I was going to open it up but I didn't want to void my Warrantee.

    My plan now is to run this PSU for a few months an then go after a Graphics card and the "Game" (bf3).

    I thank you much for the replies on my thread. -Greatly appreciated indeed. :)

    Best Regards,

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