Advice on new system i7 2600k gtx 560ti sli

im looking to sell this setup but havent got a clue at what to throw this into the wilderness at ££ :??:

i7 2600K processor looking to get it to 4.4 ghz
gtx 560 ti x2 in sli
Antec three hundred case
Power supply: 750W Alpine
Gigabyte Z68AP-D3 mobo ( not sure on this yet let me know what you think some better ones)
8GB of 1333MHz DDR3 ( maybe 12 gb )
1tb SATA 2 hard disk
Corsair H80 liquid cooler

let us know if you see anything that is dragging it down or equally anything that i can change to sell it for a bit more. thanks

some advice would really be appreciated. :D
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  1. You want to buy or sell cuz you say, "( not sure on this yet let me know what you think some better ones)?"
  2. oh yeah sorry. building at the moment but am selling it as soon as. As it is just a project
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    Do not go with Alpine power supply. It sounds like some junk PSU brand. Go with something like an Antec or Seasonic or even Corsair.

    Do you really want liquid cooling? A good aftermarket cooler like the Hyper 212+ would be just as good, unless you plan on doing strong overclocks.

    Are you sure you want 560TI's in SLI? A bigger single GPU would be much better (IMO).

    Other than that, looks good. Maybe even change the processor - Do you really need Hyper threading with the I7 2600K? The 2500k would be cheaper and is just as good for gaming.
  4. Hey There thank you so much for the info. the the 2 560tis are the reason im building the system as they were in my old system but are now spare so decide to build a system . the i7 was really to appeal to a wider audience the editors and the alike.

    Agree on the psu gunna get one from one of the listed companies as dont want everything going bang in puff of smoke cause the psu was s**t.

    the liquid cooling h80 i just put in there for anyone as you say looking to do some serious ocing. totally understand though. im thinking of putting this up for say £900 ??? to much ? not enough ?
  5. 900 pounds? What is that, like 1800$?

    If so...that price is OK. Maybe a bit on the steep side. But I would say 800-900 pounds would sound fair for a system like that. You don't want to undersell yourself for putting all the work into it, and you don't want to sell it for too much as people might not buy it.
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  7. Thanks for all the help m8
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