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Hi there

Was just looking at building a budget £300+/- gaming pc to tide me over till more cash arrives but also i was offered an older system that still looks pretty good so wanted some opinions?

The old system is:

CPU: quadcore Q9650
MOBO: asus striker 2 formula
GPU: 2 x GTX 295 sli
Ram: 4GB ddr2 corsair dominator
PSU: 1200w quiet quad rail
Case: coolermaster 932 haf case

Its from a friend of mine an he only wants £250 for it...

I know im mad to be asking this question right? but honestly is it any good? what life has it got left in it?
Any advice on that or what £300 is better spent on please let me know..
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  1. oh and its got a legit copy of vista premium as well....all drivers/cables good as new..
  2. not bad, depending on your gaming needs you might want to upgrade the vid cards since they only support DirectX 10.1, but should suffice until you want to upgrade later.

    overall its a good build. if you can't wait another six months to save up money for your preferred build. then I'd buy this "old setup."

    Plus is resembles mine. :D
  3. I'd buy it and resell the parts. The two GTX 295 alone would bring the money back, easily. You should end up with quite a bit of extra money to spend on new parts. ;)
  4. That's awesome for the price. If you OC the CPU it will be better than any budget build you can put together. You can re-use the 1TB HD, PSU: 1200w quiet quad rail, and Case: coolermaster 932 haf case, and optical drives even if you upgrade everything else so just those are worth the cost. You can either upgrade the RAM to 8GB (though DDR2 is overpriced right now) or just upgrade the CPU, motherboard, and RAM when you feel you need more power.
  5. if it were me i would keep the PSU, HDD, gpus (in sli that is still pretty powerful) and case. sell the rest and use my all my spare cash to try and put together a 2500k system on a cheap but decent board I.E. asrock z68 gen3 ;)
  6. thanks for the response guys..

    To be honest buying & reselling the bits was what i was thinking, i know that cpu can still go for silly money on ebay & the cards as well.. ;)

    Well from your views its a done deal, i'll be picking it 2mrw! :bounce:

    Keeping the HD/PSU & case as well sounds like a plan an i'll reinvest the rest

    Thanks again :D
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