How many fans?

Will be building a new PC soon and was wondering about cooling for it.
I will be running:
*i5 2400 @ 3.8Ghz (or whatever the max it will go on the limited OC intel allows)
*1x SSD
*1x HDD
*550-650W PSU
*and then an HD7770 later or maybe a new Nvidia 600 series when they come out
-What will I need for cooling in terms of number of fans.
-Can anyone recommend some quiet fans for under £8 (about $10).
-Will the CPU be OK on stock cooling
Thanks in advance :)
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  1. One or two quiet fans should be fine; doesn't your case already include one fan? The stock HSF is OK because you can't overclock that CPU.
  2. agree with GhislainG. your not going to need much for that setup, but depending on your later vid card purchase you may get a side mount fan depending on your case.

    I would recommend Gelid blue wings, but at around £15 each you may not want them, I have nine and they are silent on low speed :)
    I reckon the 1650's should be nice enough at low speeds, or the 2k ones if you feel like having the extra cfm at hand and have a controller to lower them to a suitable level when required
    *Edit, @Ghislain, you can O/c the 2400's, just not as well and nowhere near as far, couple of hundred MHz is the average I hear
    @Op, go for the 'k' suffix if you want to overclock, better would be the 2500k
  4. Thanks, the case I've got comes with 2 so I'll leave it at that. Not getting a 2500k, too much money and I'd end up playing about with it too much instead of working :p
  5. What motherboard are you getting?
  6. It's a good choice in that price range.
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