I need to build a computer

Well I need to build a new computer from an old emachine T3828 and I think need to replace I need to to replace basically everything. I want to be able to is play minecraft on far render and fancy graphics, be able to surf the web and watch videos, type papers, and do homework. I would like to spend between 200 and 300 dollars, but have the price as close to 200 as possible.
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  1. Is this your computer? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16883114002
    If so, ya you basically need a new computer. I dont see one single part that I would use on a new set-up.
    That being the case, there is no way you can build a new computer for $200. It seems like you would be able to play minecraft, with the cpu you have, but you should add memory, and if you have a pci-x or agp slot you could put in a graphics card, but no matter what is gonna be a low end computer
  2. You will need a motherboard a processor a graphics card a power supply and memory.

    It can be had for $200 but I would at least spend $300 if you want it to be even somewhat good. Essentially you can have everything but the graphics card for $200 but a good graphics card adds another $100. Do you have access to a version of windows because that alone (new) is $100 and won't fit into the price range.
  3. I sort of already knew that would be the answer, but i was just hoping there was another answer i had not thought of
  4. O.o I don't see you resusing any of that build except maybe the HDD, even then. No board offers 2 IDE/PATA slots anymore so you'd be forced to go low end AMD. You may be able to reuse the case but that depends if the dimensions will match as most companies make their cases specifically for the MB used.

    Assuming your PSU is still usable and your case as well as HDD:

    Here's what I came up with. You'd have to basically replace everything.

    Athlon II X3 455 + Biostar N68S3+ $104
    LG DVD Burner $17
    Team Elite 4GB DDR3 1333 $20
    Sapphire 6670 $70 ($15 rebate)
    Total: $211
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