Graphic Card / Monitor Issue? (35' run)

I recently re-modeled my entertainment center and decided to include my computer (case) within the entertainment center. My desk will be approximately 15 - 18' away from the entertainment center, but if I run the cable along the wall, etc... it will be 34' from my graphics card to monitor.

That said, before I re-modeled my new (updated) system ran great, or displayed very well - no issues. After remodeling, I decided to use a DVI/Ethernet adapter because of the distance. Specifically, GVE200 from I/O Gear.

After turning on the computer the first time, it seemed to work fine for the brief time I was on the computer. The second time however, I noticed small red dots flickering on the the monitor when I was on Yahoo's home page - in certain areas. Then, after about 5 minutes the Monitor started to flicker on/off, as if it was choking. It wanted to display, but could quite get there...?

Any ideas what the problem could be? I plan to try a long DVI/HDMI cable I have - running it direct across the room (15 - 18') and see if the same problem exists. But, I thought I'd ask in case someone has experienced the same problem.

As a note: I spoke with I/O Gear, and they recommended I make sure the settings are 60 Hz on the Monitor, and 1920x1200. Which, I am positive I am within those limits - maybe.

Here is my current system:
Windows 7
Graphics Card 560 Ti
I5 Intel
Motherboard Gig GA-Z68XP-UD3
Monitor Samsung Syncmaster 225BW
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  1. So to clarify the dots that you see and problems are on the monitor at your desk and not the tv or are you useing the monitor as the tv now , I'm not too sure of what your setup is.
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