Radeon 6850 on a 350W PSU?

Hi. I just want to tell everybody that I have been running my Radeon HD 6850 on a 350W PSU for over a year now. Many people said it wouldn't work, but I proved everyone wrong. It is a LiteOn 350W PSU. It's been running strong with no problems. And I have a Core2Quad and 6GB ram. So yes it's possible.
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  1. :) very good :).
  2. you make your own sense don't follow each and every person (who never know the fact) and blindly answer as a result of it cause a big problem or something else!
    Now you have proove it but yes it works fine that card don't need more wattage than 300w and you clearly mention that "hd 6850 running on 350w fine" so if it works fine then no need to be worry.
  3. +1 for thread bumping!
  4. I am also running an overclocked GTX460 and an overclocked 2500k on a 380W PSU (Anted Earthwatts), so yes, I agree with you!
  5. Wattage doesn't matter the most; what really matters is the amperage of your 12v rail(s). The card needs consistent current.
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