Does a such graphics card exist ?


I am looking for a graphics card at least DirectX 9.0 and SM 3.0 compatible. It should be only one slot high AND must accept an external power supply.
I bought a EAH5450 (very low power consumption) => nothing on screen.
My PC is a HP Pavilion with a Lithium-U8LE mobo and it looks like the PCIe 16x is an only 25W one instead of 75W. That's the reason why I need a connector to supply more power to the card. The main PS is a 400W and should be enough for my PC.

Does this graphics card exist ? I found two slots cards with external power supply but no 1 slot. I hope it exists and it will not be too obsolete.

Thanks for your ideas.
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  1. buy gtx 450

    PowerColor AX6770 1GBD5-IDHG Radeon HD 6770 Single Slot (Dirt3 Edition) 1GB 128-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.1 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card
    will require 1 6 pin power connector, but appears to come with it per packaging

    card is shader model 5 with direct x 11
  3. janiashvili said:
    buy gtx 450

    Are you sure that GTX 450 is a only one slot card ? I saw several^pictures and it looks 2 slots high.
  4. Sparkle GTS 450 is a one slot GPU
  5. OK. Does it mean that the Sparkle GTS 450 is not based on the GeForce GTS450 which is two slots wide ? What are the differences (except the width) ?
  6. I went to the Sparkle site and nothing is told about the power consumption and the external power connector (
  7. It is base 450 card but much smaller. the only noticeable difference is a louder fan and its a tad more expensive than standard 450 cards
  8. PCI Express slots are 75W. An external power connector is to supplement the 75W the card is supposed to get from its expansion slot. Check your BIOS to ensure it's supplying the correct power.

    To answer your question:
    XFX hd6770

    I don't think you'll find any faster single slot cards (it's faster than a gts450). A quality 400W PSU is enough for that card, but I wouldn't push it on a generic PSU.
  9. With a 400W PSU and a limitation like only one card high really limits your selections.

    AMD XFX Radeon HD6770 is probably your best bet, or at least the best I can find.
  10. Thx for your suggestions. PCI bus of HD6770 is 2.1. I read in some topics that this card is backwards compatible for 2.0 (not for 1.x). I guess that my PCIe X16 is not a 2.0 rev (PC released in 2005...). I try to find out what is exacty my PCIe rev.
  11. I don't think the power specification on PCIE ports has changed since the origional 1.0 version in 2003.
  12. Also all cards will take up to 75W (unless they use less than 75W Max) from the motherboard there are not cards that will only take 25W through the board and the rest from the 6/8pin cable from the PSU.
  13. Id agree with the Hd 6770 i think :) its a pretty decent card :)
  14. go for a used hd3850 would cost v low and is single slot
  15. I forgot to say before all PCIE 16X cards fit in all PCIE x16 slots from 1.0-3.0
  16. I would like to believe all of you but I was not able to get working a HD5450 (power cons : 20W, PCIe x16 2.1) (black screen). That's the reason why I would prefer to have an external power connector. Is this behavior common ? In these conditions it is difficult to be sure that a HD6770 will be working.
  17. If your motherboard cannot supply power to a card that doesn't need an external power connector then it will not work with one that does. All PCIE slots have within there specification they supply up to 75W. Believe what you want but if the slot cannot provide power it is faulty and will not work anyway.
  18. Thank you Simon. At the moment I have a X600 which is working. It's not clear at all for me why a low consumption card (HD5450) is not working. I saw in a forum that somebody had the same pb and change his card by a model externally powered with two connectors (HD4870). But I am maybe in a wrong way.
  19. Simba91 said:

    My PC is a HP Pavilion with a Lithium-U8LE mobo

    google didn't find anything usefull with that model, are you sure that's right?

    and if I've understood it correctly, the slot and externall power inputs are supplying power to different parts of the card/chip, so they are electrically isolated from one another, and thus it shouldn't work if the slot isn't giving enough...
  20. Sorry, it's a Lithium-UL8E which is the HP version of the P5LP-LE.
  21. ah
    well the specs dont show anything odd about the pci-e slot, so if it was 25W I'd guess it would be listed as such with a big exclamation mark....

    there has to be something else going on...
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