HPE h8-1010 Drive Expansion Bay?

I recently added a third HDD to my desktop.. the motherboard (Intel Carmel) supported the addition, as it has 4 SATA connectors (two currently used for existing HDDs and one for my optical drive), but the HDD bay only fits two 3.5" devices. I'm wondering if anyone knows how I could secure the third drive within the case. There's room for another HDD within the case and the existing 3.5" hard drive bay looks like you may be able to attach an expansion bay but I can't find anything online if, firstly they even make them, and if there's a place I can buy one.

Alternatively, I was thinking I could maybe just mounting it in the 3.5" floppy disk bay since who uses those anymore!? :P But I'm not sure how well that bay is ventilated. I'm most likely going to add a side fan or two since, with the new Radeon HD 6850 I just installed and the 3 HDDs, good airflow is becoming more and more crucial. On that note, is it best to mount the fan blowing cool air in or venting hot air out? Never added a fan before..

Thanks in advance for any responses,
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  1. mount it wherever you have room. there are even adapters available to mount it in a 5.25" bay if you want.
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