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I have bough this computer about 2 years ago and its the lenovo h215 I was using it fine months ago until I decided to build a powerful computer. So I have gotten that computer and left the lenovo to be unused. I come back to it today plug the power supply in and put everything in and it turns on but no screen appears. Im uding the onbooard graphics I switched back because I used that gpu in new Powerful computer. im wondering if this is causing the effect im not sure Ive tried cleaning ram everything IM taking a break from it now but i Need help!!!! What do i Do I checked cpu nothing wrong I keep it in good shape.

Sincerely, Andrew Anderson
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  1. Hi Andrew.

    1. Make sure the monitor is plugged into the integrated graphic adapter port. Make sure monitor is plugged in. Make sure monitor is set for correct input (VGA, DVI, HDMI, etc).
    2. Reset the BIOS to default values in case you forced the BIOS to only send video to the PCI card. There is a procedure for that in the lenovo manual you can download for your PC.

    Let us know if this doesn't work. The next steps are to start pulling parts, and that's a pain. rule out the simple stuff first. then read this: It's for new builds so you can ignore some stuff, but gives you an idea what's next.
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