Phenom II x4 965BE vs Phenom II x4 975BE OEM

Okay, So I'm looking to upgrade my CPU on my computer and I can't decide if I should go with the 975 or the 965. Both are Black edition unlocked and both are $120 with free shipping on newegg. Is there really any difference between these besides the 200mhz stock speed? because I plan on overclocking anyway. The differences I see are:

Phenom 965:
$15 promo code until 7/4
3 year warranty
4 copper heatpipe cpu cooler (I might just keep the stock cooler to save money)

Phenom 975:
Only 30 day warranty
Free sub to CPU magazine
Free dirt showdown code
I would have to buy a new cooler, (Either hyper 212+ or Hyper N 520)

So The Phenom 975 + cooler would be $150-155
And the Phenom 965 would be $105(after promo code) + $30-35 if I get a Cooler master heatsink. so $130-135

So im not sure which is better to go with, unless the 975 is much better in a way I haven't found yet, and would let me overclock higher.

Also as far as the Heat sinks go, the hyper 212+ has a $10 rebate making it $20 (assuming i get the rebate)

And is the Hyper N 520 much better than the 212+? I know its quieter, looks cooler, its shorter and it has a Flat copper contact plate. But does it actually have better cooling performance? I couldnt find anything online about that.

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    If you plan on overclocking you shouldnt use the stock cooler of the 965 and you'll need to get one anyways. The 965 gives you a stock cooler to sell or use elsewhere while the 975 doesnt. The 965 and 975 are identical except for the higher stock multiplier of the 975
  2. Same thing. The 975 might be a little better binning and that would mean you might get an extra MHz or two out of it in overclocking but not sure thats worth the extra $30. Id get the 965 and at least the Hyper 212 or even something better.
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