Black Ops on Nvidia 320M

I have a MacBook Pro 13in with an nvidia 320m on it. I seem to get really good performance on it considering what it is, normally I don't even game on it, I have a gaming desktop.

However, it would be very convenient if it could run Black Ops. I see a lot of videos on youtube of people playing Black Ops on it without any OC and it seems to be running really well. However, my experience with it is that it's very laggy, even at the absolute lowest settings.

Does anyone have any advice? is OC an option?

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  1. It's probably you are trying to max out anything you can, try lowering the setting till you get the nicest ones.
  2. Naw. It's because Black Ops is just horribly optimized. I recently purchased MW3 and it runs perfectly in native resolution at normal settings, whereas I can't good performance in Black Ops at 800x600 with everything on low.
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