Haf 912 Custom Interior Paint Job?

Ok, here's the thing. I want to paint the interior of the Haf, because it being bare to me is just ugly. I know that I want fans to be blue led, so I need to figure out a color that will go well with it.

I'll be eventually either buying a side panel with a window or doing it myself, so the paint job is essential to me. The back of the case will be the same color as well.

So, what do you think? I was thing black at once, but that seems so plain. Also thought about yellow paint with gold metal flecks, but I would like other opinions as well.

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    I always like the way red seems to glow violet under blue lights so maybe some candy apple red with metal flakes?
  2. With blue lights I usually go with black, black with silver flake, silver with black flake, silver with silver flake, cobalt blue, or cobalt blue with silver flake.
  3. Ooh, that candy apple with flakes seems pretty damn cool, and it will allow me to change the colors in my case without having to buy brand new fans. Eventually, I'll get some cathodes too.

    Any other suggestions for mods?
  4. Guys, ended up finding the HAF 912 Advanced for $60 on Ebay, got it today. No need to paint now, but I love the candy apple idea!
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