Need help choosing a gaming keyboard

I am looking to spend about 70 pounds on a backlit keyboard that will mostly be used for gaming.

There are 3 keyboards i liked the look of:
Roccat Isku
tt Esport Challanger ultimate
Logitech g510

These are the keyboards I like the look of, I'm just looking for feedback on them. Pro's and cons on them and maybe other keyboards about the same price that are worth a mention
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  1. Can you get any mechanical keyboards for that price in the UK? I'm in the US so I'm not sure what sites/stores you're looking at, but if you search for mechanical keyboards with Cherry MX switches you might find some results.

    Mechanical keyboards have a better tactile feel (if that makes a difference to you) - Cherry MX Blue/Brown switches tend to have a better feel, while black/red are sometimes preferred to gaming. In the end it's down to what you prefer.
  2. For a cheaper price, I'd go with the Microsoft Sidewinder keyboards.

    I have the Sidewinder X4 right now, got it recently and it's amazing. The backlight is perfect and pretty bright. The keys sound good, like mechanical ones if you like that sound, I know I do, and the macro keys and layout is perfect. From what I've heard the X6 keyboard is even better and bigger. But ultimately your choice.
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