Need help, how do I update my Broadcom LAN driver?


I'm trying to update my Broadcom LAN driver but I'm having a little trouble. Maybe you guys can help me out? So when I download the files from the site and open up the folder, I see no setup file. All I see is three files named, security catalog, setup information, and system file.

The setup information file just opens the notepad with a bunch of codes but it doesn't really tell me anything.

And I have nothing to open with the system file.

How do I update this thing?
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  1. did you go to their site and down load the driver?
  2. baddad said:
    did you go to their site and down load the driver?

    That's what I did and the file I get when I download it is what I described above. So how do I update this?
  3. go to control panel>device manager>click on network adapters>>Right click the LAN controller>update drivers>and browse for it(you just need to go to the containing folder and windows will find it from there, theoretically)
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