Dual 560's crash in SLI

After some days with my Gigabyte 560 OC cards in SLI i got a crash in Bf3 and after that they won't run in SLI. Everytime i try to turn on SLI again it crashes.
Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s5zEDJ-PrM4
Also had problems with Battlefield 3, 2 videos of that on YouTube.

Any way to solve this?
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  1. first of all remove the driver completely and install it again safely, remove one card and test your cards separately if you don't find any problem then it's ok.
    But this issue is not a first time it occur to many people they also complaining about it the issue is in the game BF3 hope it will be fixed soon so be pateint! By the way does the other games crash sli too or not like SKYRIM,RAGE etc
    list your full specs?
  2. I have tried different types of drivers and i do a complete uninstall before i try a new one.
    The problem isn't that the games crashes, but i guess it's that the graphics card crashes cause every program that uses them like Afterburner, Nvidia control panel and Easy Boost crashes and both cards turns down to 0mhz (can't adjust).

    Also opened up the side door to check if the fans stop and they didn't.

    i5 2500k
    Asus P8P67 Pro
    750w power supply
  3. Go to the gigabyte website and download the bios updater for your model card, update the bios to the latest version , also update your mobo bios and chipset drivers, its always good to cover all bases.
  4. Tried it, cannot even recognise my cards..
  5. Damn, sorry to see that, I can imagine your frustration right now.

    OK this might sound stupid , can you do a system restore back to a date that it was running perfectly?
  6. I could try, nothing to lose. Thanks for all your help.
    Posting results when done.

    And of course it only have backups for today -.-
  7. Goodluck I hope it works.

    Last resort would be to start from scratch, re-install windows and install all the drivers mobo, gpu etc first and see if it works right away.
  8. I guess i'll try to try to use the bottom card in the top PCI-E slot before i reinstall Windows, if it dosen't work ill just send it back to where i bought it and stay with one 560 until the May when the 6xx series is out and i most likely have enough money for it.
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