GPU AND CPU combination help

i just want your opinion on what combination would be better for gameplay..

Computer 1: GTX 560, i7 3820


Computer 2: HD7850, i7 3770

Please help :D
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    i7's contain Hyper-threading, from what i hear it barely effects modern games.

    I would suggest grabbing a i5 3570k or a 3550 & using the spare cash on better gpu.

    But if you Must have hyper-threading, i would go with the superior GPU, which would be the HD7850.
  2. The 7850 is the better video card, by far.
  3. Neither.

    7850 and a 3570K OR 7950 and a 3570K
  4. Simple, for that budget, 3570K and GTX670, no contest!
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