Extremely good wired Gaming mouse and keyboard for under 100??

hi guys i have finally decided to invest in a gaming mouse and keyboard and i wanted to know some good ones that combined equal less than 100 bucks, and also some suggestions on usb extensions since im gonna be playing on my couch i want something that will extend the reach of the mouse and keyboard.
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  1. i own a Tt Black element Gaming mouse and it costs only $65 australian! it has loads of features such as 8 different easy switch colours and 6500DPI! which is really good, i would definitely recommend this mouse to anyone looking

    -cheap (good quality grips and buttons)
    -9 macro keys
    -6500DPI (really good)

    Hope you find what your looking for :)
  2. Unless your buying a very expensive mechanical keyboard there really is little to gain from a gaming keyboard. I'm using a sidewinder x4 now and the "gaming" features are pointless some macro keys I dont use and some backlighting I dont need (who the hell looks at the keys when playing BF3?????).... it replaced an older keyboard simply because I had a chance to get it new for very cheap and my old board had a knackered spacebar (bunnyhopper).

    Mouse on the otherhand I think is a really good buy. I use a RAT 5 at the moment and I really think a good quality mouse with programmable buttons can make a difference if you play FPS games. The ability to tune its sensitivity to your playstyle and program the buttons really does make a good difference.

    Here's the mouse I use


    If your playing FPS games I would recommend it though beaware the RAT range have had some quality control issues, I haven't suffered this myself but it does seem some people have had to return their 1st one for replacement.
  3. haha, i use the exact the same as wr6133, and tbh i really like the sidewinder x4 i think it has a really nice feel to it although i don't use the macros at the moment i think that will change when GW2 is released, and the mouse is amazing, although if i were to buy a mouse now i would get the "R.A.T 7 infection" or the "M.M.O 7" the R.A.T 7 infection is a new version of the R.A.T 7 (which is one up from the R.A.T 5) but with more customization and the M.M.O 7 is the same but with a few more buttons.
  4. thxs guys for all the feedback i checked that mouse out and man it looks awesome but i just finished buying a cheap microsoft x4 gaming keyboard and some cheap gaming mouse that got good reviews on newegg. thxs all for your input though
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