Computer won't go into BIOS after installing video card

Hello, after changing out an old video card with a newer one, my computer will start up, but it won't go through the boot up process, BIOS, or Windows XP. It will only go through the video card BIOS then it automatically goes to the Alienware title screen where it tends to freeze...nothing past this. I've tried other video cards I have & nothing seems to work. I put the old video card back in hoping this would fix the problem, but it didn't solve the issue.

I also switched the CMOS jumper from the AB position to the BC position & vice didn't help.

Since I can't get into BIOS, I can't do a system recovery. I've tried pressing the F8 key & other keys on start up...nothing. I also tried using the Windows XP install cd-rom, but it doesn't read it on start up as well.

Nothing seems to work. Everytime I turn on the computer, it just goes through the video card BIOS for a brief second then to the Alienware title screen where it tends to freeze.

*I never hear a beep on start up which usually means it's going through the boot up process.*
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  1. My friend had a similar problem and it was when he upgraded parts of his system, turns out the new card killed the psu (or bad timing and it was on its way out) but he upgraded psu and it worked a teat, you got anyway of testing another psu in your pc?
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