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Any real difference between first and second gen I3?

I am purchasing a laptop for my girlfriend and was trying to understand if there is a major difference between the first and second gen I3 processors. This is a computer for her to use in college, but she is not into any computer related classes. i would like this laptop to last her a while, but we are on a budget and second gen I3 would cut down on the screen size we would be able to afford...... Any thoughts?????? PLZ help....

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    In reality yes. The 2nd gen chip are around 10-15% faster than the 1st gen at the same clock speed:) they also have much better iGPU's.

    However, i'd recommend you buy her the 1st gen lappy, given that with a bigger screen size she can be more comfortable during classes. Plus u don't need that extra speed for classroom stuff, and neither for checking mail, watching movies or listening to music :)
  2. Thank you i appreciate your response...
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  4. Always welcome:)
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