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What is better a 560ti 448 core or a GTX 480?

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  1. GTX 480rse, but the 560ti is not far behind.
  2. Awesome!! What would you say the GTX 480 could do in Sli? Like BF3? Ultra settings?
  3. The GTX 480 matches the 580 in performance, so about Ultra, yes. 60+fps consistently, but it does run at more wattage.
  4. GTX480 ~ GTX570. GTX580 is faster then the GTX480.

    As for power I'm not sure. I think the GTX560TI 448 might use a bit less so you might be better off with that card. Overall they are probably close enough in power as well that its best to just get whatever is cheapest.
  5. Would the psu be like 1100w to sli these cards? D: That would be exspensive
  6. They are both around 225W. GTX480 I think is 250, not sure on the 448. 500W would be needed just for the GPUs, more if you are OCing. Add in your normal 100W quad CPU and you are at 600W+ for an SLI setup. A good quality 750-850 should be able to do it.
  7. Really? Are you sure?Only like a 850? I was thinking waaay more. lol...

    Can you tell me what the difference would between Sli and non sli like fps wise. And would it be worth it to sli?
  8. So I'd be fine with a corsair 650w with a single 480?
  9. Yes, you will.
  10. Thanks for the help!!! That should be it with the questions...
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