Need some advice on a laptop upgrade please and thanks!

Hello everyone. I currently have an alienware m15x 4gbs or ram intel quad 1.73 and an ati hd5850. I would like to get another alienware but with a top of the line video card 3d or not dosnt matter as well as quality ram and a solid state hard drive is a most 256bgs or bigger. Preferablly with a better cpu as well...does anyone have any suggestions on what type of system i should look at. Price isnt the issue but the least inexpensive the better :) please help me with your thoughts and opinions. I would like to have a system that i can use at least for 1-2 years before its outdated and yes unforunetly i need a laptop. Thanks again!
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  1. What is your budget? What is your laptop size preference? The least inexpensive isn't going to help much with the SSD you want. You might be better off going to either or themselves and picking your parts.
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