$890 Budget: Gaming PC

Hello all, I hope everyone's doing well..

I am slowly teaching myself hardware, because I want to get a gaming computer for obviously gaming, but also video editing and software development. I figure whatever can handle games well, could also handle video editing fairly well.

I need your help in deciding what I should buy, as I am building my PC from scratch (least expensive way).

What I have so far... : http://graysonadams.com/specs/ (all changes applied there, and not pasted in thread again and again)

What should be changed if not everything?

Run Battlefield 3 around High (as I know Ultra requires an expensive GPU) with AA.
Play Crysis 2 on High
Minimal 35 FPS on most modern games (hopefully much higher on something like Minecraft)
Able to render fast in Sony Vegas
Hopefully not too loud of a computer
Not having to worry about overheating
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  1. Lowercase b and list will make it into a list and bold it too.
  2. Better PSU for the same price:
    XFX Pro 550W Core Edition 80Plus Bronze $70 ($20 rebate)

    If you are willing to spend $10 more this is fantastic:
    Rosewill Capstone 550W 80Plus Gold $80

    The WD 1TB FALS is a hot and noisy HDD. Based on the SPCR review of the 3TB version this is what I would choose:
    Seagate Barracuda 1TB 7200RPM ST1000DM003 $110

    Personally I think that a fan which spins at 2000RPM is not going to be quiet.
  3. You should get a HD7850 instead. Much faster graphics card, and can run BF3 ultra with around 40fps.
  4. We're getting it from Fry's. Here's the final build, and I'm pretty firm on it.

  5. Any suggestions?
  6. If you can, get it at a Microcenter. The processor is less there and you can get $50 off when you purchase the i5 2500K with a Z68 motherboard.
  7. save $70 on "professional assembly" and DIY, here is a video to help. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_56kyib-Ls

    I would wait until this Monday when the 7850 is reportedly is coming out.
  8. I'll be waiting until May, so will-do. About professional assembly, I am very comfortable with letting them do it :p
  9. Anything else?
  10. GeekPlaya said:
    Anything else?

    So much will change in 2 months, no point in making a list now.
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