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I have this problem on my desktop computer. the CPU will boot fine and it'll reach the desktop. however, after few minutes of being in the desktop, it'll hangup and suddenly turn off, giving you in the monitor saying "there is no signal". The cpu LED turns off but the power LED is still on. The next time you turn on the pc, it wont boot and the cpu LED wont turn on either. however, if you left it first for about a few hours, it will boot up again until the desktop and a few minutes, will hang up and turn off again. Is there a problem in my CPU or mobo?
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  1. Suddelny turning off like that is usually a symptom of a failing PSU, not the motherboard, and definitely not the cpu. What PSU do you have?
  2. Thanks for the concern.
    It has a product brand of FSP Group Inc. I dont know. It's a stock PSU when I bought the unit. The first mobo of this unit is damage so i replace it with an asus mobo and hooked up 2 sticks of 1gb ram.
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