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I've been running a MSi N210-MD512D3H/LP for a year now, and need to get a better GPU. I'm considering the MSi N610GT-MD2GD3/LP as an upgrade. Both Cards 'demand' a 300w PSU but I've been running the 210 on a LiteOn PS-5221-06 220w supply. The system has been running fairly stable since I plugged the 210 in, the only problem being a heat problem due to the case I have.
Can I run the N610 with this PSU?

System Specs:
Intel Core Due E7400
640gb Hitachi
MSi N210GT-MD512D3H/LP
LiteOn PS-5221-06 220w
Unknown Motherboard
Acer Aspire X3810 case

GPU's/PSU links:
Can't find a link for the PSU

Thanks in advance
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  1. I would definitely not run the new card on the old power supply. It is definitely going to be more demanding of power than the old card. You can try it, of course. Either the system will run or it won't.
  2. I forgot to mention that the card needs less power, but is more powerful. Im running from a Half Tower so thats the reason why im getting a 610
  3. If you could notify me of any Half Tower PSU's that would be great, but my case is slightly smaller than the Average half tower
  4. If the card needs less power, then you should be able to get away with reusing the same PSU.
  5. agree with abelk , be same low card, i would keep money for it
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