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XFX RMA help please

It would seem that since I am shipping from the United States I also need a customs form and it says that I need a Full legal name and phone number for the addressee. What should I put in those areas?

What should I classify the contents as? Merchandise or other?
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  1. Where are you shipping to? Outside the US? I would classify the contents as computer parts. The adressee is the place you are sending it to.
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    If you're trying to pass custom, you should really provide all the information to the best of your ability, legal and legit. You can classified your item as anything, go with merchandise. Then add a description of what is it, computer part, graphic card. Don't mess with those guys, the worst thing is to have your package witheld or lost. I would consider buying insurance. Tracking number is a must!
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  4. If it's okay to ask another question, do I have to pay for shipping to and from XFX? I get how to pay for shipping to XFX, but if I have to pay for it when it comes back to be I don't know how to, and would appreciate help on that.
  5. No, you only pay for the shipping TO XFX, if and/or when they prove your card to be faulty, they will send you a replacement via fedex/ups.
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