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Install xp to second hard drive on native win7 64 bit

The main thrust to all this is:why can't win 7 tell me or let me install an os to a separate hard drive that's ready to go for an install.
I have a hard drive that is recognized in win 7/recognized confirmed formatted, NTFS basic, primary partition active.
I want to install xp pro on it. But i can't get the install disc in the cd drive to ask/search for this drive [f] to install on.
Tried copying all disc files to install to the desired drive, but again, get message have newer ms os[assume win 7 which is only on "c" drive].I don;t know why no path is offered.
Not able to find help answer to this.
I did see related post about using an acronis home 10 drive image: no goof proof answers there- I have another xp- xp media center 2005 imaged on acronis from that computer.
that's my first choice.
Goal: to get functionality for blu-ray playback. needed software compatibility not in win 7 64bit [yet?]
software needed to support> anydvd hd, elby virtual clone,powerdvd ulta 9 for iso image playback.
1st pick-aconis image,don't care about getting on line,registered or anything to disable my registered xp media center on the acronis image. I just want its full remote functionality.
2nd pick- xp pro; I should get back program funtions without the remote ability.
3rd pick- Vista home premium 64bit, which had full functionality; being in a holiday hurry, I skipped making backup copies of this os that originally came with the computer [gateway DX4200] which did run everything.
I install upgrade win 7 64 via custom to be clean.
I hate vista,and now will have to spend $ i don;t have just to order installation discs, but doable.
I assumed all this would be please.
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  1. So you don't have a cd with XP on it to boot from?
  2. YES, that;s what I tried first-again, I could not get a prompt as to the path to install on drive "f" in this case.
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    disconnect the drive that already has the Win7 on it or what ever, and boot the computer with the drive that you want to install XP on with something like The Ultimate Boot CD and wipe all the information on it off, reformat probably will not do the trick as it leaves the NTLDR.dll on the drive, reboot the computer with the XP disc in the CD drive, then do the install and call the drive "f" or whatever you want, and make it active, turn off the computer and reconnect the drive that has the Win7 or whatever on it, and at boot it will give you the multiple OS choices, Vista and Win7 will not allow you to install XP on another partition or drive as long as they are connected to the computer because they install a copy of the NTLDR.dll on all the partitions
  4. Try loading Win XP first, then Win 7. I cannot remember where (might have been in that if you want to run XP & 7 you need to load XP first. Microsoft also has an app for 7 called XP Virtual Machine. You can you it in 7 to load/run you XP apps that will not run under 7. I have not tried it yet, to know if it will in fact run some of the things your haveing problems with.
  5. 1. Unplug Drive w/ Win7 on it.
    2. Install XP from CD onto 2nd HD which is only one install will now see.
    3. Plug other hD back in
    4. Choose what OS you want by Setting boot priority in BIOS
  6. I want to thank everyone for their feedback, and all comments are right. I got a better nights sleep knowing smarter people than me were on it, and helping.
    I awoke with the same answers as you have suggested, but it was helpful to know exactly what is going on with the NTLDR.dll, that I didn't get in my sleep.
    I will attempt the fix this eve, and let you know how it goes.
    All the feedback really appreciated, and adds to the valued help from Toms; giving this forum high marks. cheers
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  8. JackNaylorPE said:
    1. Unplug Drive w/ Win7 on it.
    2. Install XP from CD onto 2nd HD which is only one install will now see.
    3. Plug other hD back in
    4. Choose what OS you want by Setting boot priority in BIOS

    Will this work if the second HDD is an image of the XP HDD?
  9. Start a new thread please.
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