Are either of these good and which is better?

I am looking to upgrade my comp to a new mobo and cpu for an intel i5-3570 build with a gtx 460 (maybe 2 in the near future), 8gb of ddr3 1600 cas 8, 2 500 gb 7200 rpm and one 80 gb 7200 rpm drives, a thermaltake performer 2.0 cpu cooler, 5 case fans and an asus dvd drive. I was wondering which of these supplies is better or are they any good in the first place. Also any suggestions in the same price for an 850 watt if they aren't?
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  1. Why do you want such a high wattage PSU?

    You can run GTX 460 SLI on a 650w with more than enough room to overclock.

    Your setup with a single GTX 460 will likely use under 300W.

    This is the highest I would go. If you buy it tonight and get the $10 promo. :)
  2. Really? I just know my current one is kind of a piece of crap lol I know most don't put out what they claim. What would you recommend for my setup with headroom for dual gtx 460s or maybe more upgrades and whatnot?
  3. Oh whoops didnt see that link lol my bad dude looks nice and for under a hundred bucks :-)
  4. Well, realized the 650W PSU has 2 6 pins, you may want 4 (assuming your 460s require 2 PCI-E 6pins each.. I'll do a little more looking.

    As I said, the 750 is a bargain if you do the promo and will last you for years and upgrades in the future.

    There are converters to turn a molex into a pcie 6pin, but they don't seem very popular. :)

    That's probably what I'd go with, assuming you order it before the promo ends (7/4/2012). $85 is a steal.
  6. True lol yea I would like to have at least 4 on it, would the 750 or 800 model of that work?
  7. yes work
  8. ah yea I meant that for Raidur but yea I thought about xfx hmm, I hear Corsair is awesome though, like the best hands down.
  9. XFX is a good PSU company.

    I really don't see a point in spending over $50 more though. You really don't need that much power.

    Corsair is my favorite, but Antec is great as well.
  10. depend u want and bugjet bro .:D that's all same good PSU
  11. Yea I am with Raidur I mean I want to spend some money as the psu is important and not get crap but I dont wanna just blow it unnecessarily.
  12. Another option to consider...the Seasonics:

    Review from a few years ago:

    Amazingly enough there are quite a few even better PSUs now, including the Seasonic Platinum series, but you cannot go wrong with any of the Seasonic X-series and they fall in between the prices of some of the other units you've been linked.
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