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  1. What do you plan on using it for?
  2. Just browsing the web and league of legends. I was on a 400 budget for the computer itself, and I ended up w/ 405. then there was another 100 for the monitor and 45 for speakers plus keyboard & mouse.
  3. Not sure about the processor, seem them in cheep notebooks good for web browsing. I would recommend a i3 can be found cheeper on other sites.
  4. I'm going to stick with the pentium, sorry. Could you tell me if I'm missing anything though?
  5. No it looks like you have everything in order.
  6. did you already get an operating system?
  7. Yeah, I have a box of Windows 7 Pro 32-bit at home.
  8. Then your all set
  9. So, you are 100% sure that all the parts I listed are compatible w/ each other and that I'm not missing any cables or anything?
  10. Change the power supply. Your system will blow up if you use it! A corsair cx430 is plenty. Also I would buy from newegg, or the us version of ncix. Tigerdirect is overpriced.
  11. @amuffub
    Corsair is only 430 watt, the one I listed is 550...And newegg charges tax, that's why I went with TigerDirect.
  12. Your system does not even draw more than 250w at max load. Also diablotek makes one of the worst power supplies out there.
  13. How come on the on the GPU description it said the 6670 needed at least 400 watts and the CPU neds 65 watts.
  14. Because amd does that, anyways the 6670 pulls around 70watts on full load or maxed out load under furmark (pushes the gpu above it's limits) With regular gaming you are only expecting a 50w draw.
  15. wow o.o wtf
  16. The only PSU that's between 300 and 399 watts is a diablotek one:
    EDIT: *That has high/good ratings.
  17. Too lazy to do mailin rebate, but okay I'll buy it. Muffin, could you tell me if I'm missing anything, such as a cable or sound card or something. And could you tell me if everything's compatible?
  18. You need 2 sticks of ram.
  19. iAmPhoReal said:

    i never heard of that psu brand but to be safe you should buy a psu from corsair or xfx

    that cpu should be good but i would say buy a 455 rana
    you can unlock a fourth core but you will need a am3 or am3+ board
  20. The pentium is a better choice.
  21. amuffin is right you need to swap that single 4gb ram module out for 2 x 2gb modules so you can benefit from dual channels, otherwise your all set to go.
  22. pentium 620 is like i3 but without ht, aes, less clock speed, with intel hd instead of hd2k (which doesn't matter as you are getting a dgpu), and only have mc of upto 1066mhz with duel channel support.

    Overall a great build.
    Psu upto 300 watt is enough.
    As you have 32bit os then you are limited to 4gb of ram, so 2x2gb will give you double bandwidth in comparision to single.
    I haven't played league of legends so i don't know about that.
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