No BIOS when GC is attached.

I have now attached PSU, MOBO, RAM, CPU, its cooler and GC. If I turn it on, I get no BIOS when GC is attached. When I unplug it and put my HDMI cable in to the MOBO, BIOS shows up. Does that mean that it's malfunctioning or doesn't work at all? The fans do spin in the GC, though. My specs are in my signature.
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  1. Do you have all of the GPU power cables plugged in? It seems like it's either a power problem or GPU problem...
  2. Three possibilities:
    PCIe power cables not plugged into the GPU,
    Bad PSU, or
    Bad GPU.

    The first thing I would do is test the card in another system. If the card works, test the PSU in another system.
  3. Try this - just to eliminate it.

    Install GC. Have monitor attached to MB port. Start it up. Get a signal to the screen? Then go into the BIOS, turn off the internal video (MB) / switch to PCI-E video. Power down. Switch monitor to the GC port. Power up. Screen signel now?
  4. I re-plugged everything and now it works. One of the cables must have been loose or something.
  5. Some cables come a little loose if they're at angles. Occasionally my PC will shut down because the mobo power cable is finicky when it's angled. I'm going back to EVGA with my next board since their mobo power cable is at 90 degrees rather than 180 from the motherboard.
  6. I see. Oh, yea, forgot to express my gratitude towards you helping me! It's not much but: Thank you!
  7. NP. We've all been there at some point ;)
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