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Hey guys
So about a year ago i purchased an i7 2600k. I ran the CPU at stock voltage and clock until about 2 months ago when i finally invested in a good custom water-cooling system. I have recently been playing around with my OC and got it stable @ 4.5GHz with the Vcore set to 1.385 V. My temps at this setting idle around 36C and never go over 48C on full load. I want to push the CPU further but i have been kind of a baby with it since i'm scared of the recommended 1.4V limit. I want to get the 2600k to 5Ghz and i would be happy with that. I know i can keep it cool at that clock i am just worried about it degrading on me over time at a voltage over 1.4. Is it really the limit at 1.4 or can i go higher without causing any damage to my cpu? Any help would be greatly appreciated :)
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    Unless your very rich, it would not bother pushing it any further than 1.4v. Core i7's are fast at stock already, and @4.5GHz they'll be happily tearing past anythin you throw at them !!
    Question u gotta ask urself is, do you REALLY need to push it that far??? Is it actually worth the risk?!!
  2. At this voltage CPU this CPU will die sooner then later. 4.5 ghz is blazing fast. If you want to overclock it to 5 ghz just for fun then go do it, but start saving money for new CPU. If you want more performane, which I guess is not a case, you should invest in 6 core intel cpu, going from 4.5 to 5 ghz won't bring a lot of performance gain...
  3. Thanks guys. Unfortunately, i am not rich so i'll keep it at 4.5 :)
  4. Smart choice. Cheers :)
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  6. Anything past 1.4V can cause electromigration (well, faster electromigration).

    I can push 1.4V and 4.8ghz on my 2600K, but I usually run it at 4.5ghz with 1.31V.
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