HELP! 3930k build

Hello, and thanks in advance for all the help from the community!

I am planning my build of a new gaming desktop, some components I'm hard set on others I could care less about and that is why I am seeking advice from the community. Will all of these parts fit in the case? Are there better options I'm overlooking?

Things to consider
I plan on overclocking to 4.5ghz if possible as a constant
Budget isn't much of an issue just needs to stay under 3k.
I am perfectly aware of this being overkill.

This can change to fit the needs of the system but the price point needs to stay around the same

I really like the upgrade-ability and space afforded by the extended ATX mobo and I also wish to use 2 16 gig quad channel kits for lower timings as opposed to one 32 gig kit. However if anyone can convince me that I wont notice the timing difference I'll be more than glad to consider advice on using a cheaper mobo and different ram kit(s)

open for other options but I thought 1300w would give plenty of headroom and its currently in a combo deal with the previously mentioned case

planning for 2 of these in SLI since 680's and 690's are in a constant short supply. Open to other GTX 670 options if theres no need for the extra VRAM but only ONE will be installed due to budgeting at time of build

2 kits, but as I stated above if I can make it work with better sticks I'm all for it. Picked for low profile ease of build

not open for discussion

I really was looking for feedback on this choice especially as I am concerned about whether it will even fit

HDD will be SSD, open to suggestions!

Thanks again!
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    Ok first things last. Some of these components are overkill, but they are future proof, and they are quality parts. If money isn't an object then you've got yourself one stellar build coming up my friend, and I envy you. Now on to the brass tax.

    Case: I own that exact case, you won't be disappointed whatsoever. Period.

    Motherboard: The rampage is a monster, has everything you could possibly need for a motherboard. Timing won't effect it on a noticeable scale, unless you're literally counting milliseconds. I'm not going to recommend a motherboard, because that's for you to decide.

    PSU: I've heard good things about CoolerMaster PSU's, and bad things likewise. I've never heard GREAT things about them. I have however heard great things about:
    10% off right now, so knock off $26 and thats a monster with a reputation of stability and performance.

    And this bad boy right here: --- Basically a glorified Corsair, still performs like a beast and costs less than the CoolerMaster.

    And last but not least: -- 15% off right now on Newegg, great deal, reliability and performance guaranteed.

    GPU: I own the 670 2GB model, and must say I don't come close to maxing out this card while playing pretty graphic intense games. Depends really on what resolution you play on and multi-monitors or not. One of these cards will still chew through any game you throw at it, don't worry. I'd get either the 2GB or 4GB, wait a year and then SLI when they cost Sub-$300. You can find 680's if you look hard enough, but in my honest opinion if you overclock a 670 somewhat aggressively you can reach 680 speeds and performance without a hitch, so I'd save the money.

    RAM: Ram these days is all the same to me, you could switch my ram every day of the week and I wouldn't be able to see a legitimate difference on which is which. This is your choice, colors and cool looking heatsinks. Ram is very cheap, and almost doesn't even affect your budget in the least.

    CPU: I could throw you suggestions, but there's only 1, and it ends with an X, and it costs approximately twice the price.

    COOLING: Very nice cooling solution, only thing is make sure you have enough hose (hose is cheap, really cheap, so buy extra because you never know). Definitely a large enough radiator and strong enough pump to keep that CPU cold.

    Alright the HDD and SSD war, I currently run the following:

    Intel 510 Elm Crest's x2 - Plenty of space, more than I honestly needed for the purpose they serve. I think one of these is adequate enough for a primary boot and multi-purpose solution for most people (Windows + whatever you use the most or want the most performance from)

    I also use this :

    10,000 RPM Velociraptor, I bought this drive about a month ago and for a mechanical drive this thing has a ton of speed and size. If you need alot of storage but don't really need the speed, you could find 7200 RPM drives at 1 or 2 TB for way cheaper. This is a significantly fast HDD and would recommend it to anyone.

    Hope that helped, good luck with the build.
  2. Oh, I forgot to show you where to find availible GTX 680's.

    Your performance 680:

    And the Hydro Copper (water cool ready):

    There are also about 4 or 5 other ones to choose from if your scroll down the list. The base one sells for 499.99 and go up from there.
  3. Thanks for all your input jpardo2 those other PSU's you linked from what I can see have much stronger brand track records.

    Now for anyone else, will there be RAM clearance issues if I used a different RAM kit?

    Also open to advice/discussion from anyone else on the other components as well.
  4. Sincere apologies for posting this in the wrong forum section. Will be reposting in the systems forum
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  6. With the RAM clearance you only really run into problems with the modules that have this gigantic (unnecessary) heatsinks. The vengeance modules you have do have somewhat large heatsinks, but the clearance shouldn't be an issue. Watercooling is actually more compact than a giant aftermarket air cooler, it's a waterblock and two hoses.

    Good luck andrew.
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