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I need a new motherboard and psu/case, please help.

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March 17, 2012 1:12:07 PM

I have a basic acer m5910
I have upgraded the memory to 16 gig ( despite what the acer sales site says it does go up to 16 gig ) HERE is the memory I have in placex4. As you can see the latency is 9,9,9,24 and the voltage is 1.5

I also have the intel i7 870 cpu HERE

I also have a new gpu it is the xfx HD radeon 5770 DDR5 1 GB. HERE

I have the bog standard power supply 500 watt.
I have the bog standard mother board, without crossfire ability.

I am looking for as new mobo/ power supply ( [psu ) and also a new case.

I have some ideas on mobo's and case.

Motherboard Im thinking of is HERE

And the case is HERE

And the psu is HERE

so will the products I have linked to above ( psu, mobo and case ) be ok with what Io got.

The mobo Im looking at is an 1156 socket.
And I do want a mobo that is usb3 and sata 6, and crossfire/sli, so future proof for the time being.

But Im not sure what controls/sets the latency and voltage of the memory. I dont want to get a new mobo and find that I have to get a whole new set of memory, so maybe you could please confirm to me what controls the latency of the memory and voltage. Because if it is the cpu then I am fine as I will be keeping the cpu I have. Remember it is an i7 870 so is an 1156 socket.

If the products I have listed are no good then please could you point me to a good mobo ( crossfire/usb3/sata6 ) and also a good psu to go with it and a case for it all to fit in nice with good cooling please.

Im a real noob at the moment but am willing to learn.

I also have a seagate barracuda 7200 500gb with O/S on and also a WD 7200 sata 6, 500gb and a external seagate momentous for back up. I have no raid configuration.

you might be asking why I got the acer m5910 in the 1st place, well it was free, so to speak, so Im trying to make the best of it as I can and have no issues in upgrading the lot.
I will probably get a ssd as I will have to re-install the o/s and have no windows disk as it is an oem windows, but I can handle that.
So yeah in the end I will end up with a whole new computer but the acer motherboard and psu is so limiting.

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a b V Motherboard
March 17, 2012 1:54:20 PM

I'm not getting it. Explain why you need a new mobo, psu and case......and what you possibly could need 16gb of memory for.....?
March 17, 2012 2:35:39 PM


I do a lot of design work including after effects and photoshop, after effects is very memory hogging and I have seen a great improvement since upgrading to 16 gigs of memory. When working with 32 bit floating colour memory is a great help, and as they say the more memory in after effects the better. I also do some work in maya/3DsMax not that they take to much memory. And I also do screen recording as well as having multiple windows open at same time, so more memory is a great help. But I have the memory I need now so not looking for more, lol!

I need a new case because the cooling/fans are no good and there is no room for extra cooling as I have the basic case for the acer m5910.

I need a new psu because I want to possibly upgrade the gpu or go crossfire,

and I need a new mobo because I want to future proof my system, well for the next few years at least. hence a new mob because it will have sata 6 ( which I have HD's for ) and also usb 3 for the future.
And basically I just want a better faster system.

so I just wanna know that if I get a new mobo HERE and also a new psu HERE will I have to change my memory or will my current memory HERE work with them.

I also will be getting some good cooling which I dont have now.

so it is all for upgrading and future proofing.

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March 17, 2012 4:24:57 PM

Ive decided to buy as new case HERE, the reason is that it comes with a 650 watt psu which looking through the internet seems quite good and will do me for now. the case seems quite good also.
I have also bought a cooling system for my cpu.
And will sort some cooling out for the system.

Now I just need to think about mobo in the future. ( bit that means re-installing windows 7 premium 64 bit, and I dont have install disc as it is an oem install. So will have to get new one, about 70 bucks, also wanna install on ssd, so that can all wait t=for now till more money comes my way I think.
Like I said it will have to be a 1156 socket as that is what my intel i7 870 is.
My memory is also latency 9,9,9,24 and 1.5 volts so will have to take that into consideration, but I think THIS will do. But I will hold off that till money permits.

For now a bigger case/psu will allow me to have more power and also the case will provide me space to have some extra cooling which is what I need, HERE is a cpu cooling that I am buying. Not the best but better than stock I think. And should fit in new case snug.

so I am happy,,,,,for now, lol.

will be my 1st ( kinda ) build, so looking forward to that, haha.



a b V Motherboard
March 17, 2012 4:37:19 PM

1156 is already obsolete, so it's definitely not going to be future proof lol

The problem with that board is it's no good for crossfire. You need something at least 8x/8x, not 16x/4x.

That memory should be fine for any ddr3 system.
March 17, 2012 4:38:54 PM

I agree with you. If you're working with graphics intensive programs, like Photoshop and after Affects....then, you'll actually be one of the few people who will see any need to have more than 8gb of ram. 16 gb of ram for you may very well be appropriate. And, I think you made a good choice with your final decision on the Colermaster case and psu. I only wonder....If 650 watts will be enough power when you go to Crossfire. But, since the case comes with that PSu, i'd do the same thing you are, and maybe get a better psu later. have fun building your new system. You'll get a huge kick out of it when you get it all done.
March 17, 2012 5:41:23 PM

Thanks terryd75

well I have ordered the case and psu that came with it.

I have also ordered some cooling for the cpu also now the case will be bigger, the case i have is just to small, hence getting bigger case, lol.

for now that will be fine as I will be able to increase the cooling and have more space inside case aswell as have a more powerful psu.
My only question , which is really bugging me, is this;

If I get a new mobo like THIS for example, will I have to take into account the latency and voltage of the memory, or is that determined by the cpu.
My memory is corsair 4x4 gig at;
9,9,924 and a 1.5 volt.

So if I get THIS will the MEMORY work with it?

I know I will have to probably re-install windows, and probably install onto a ssd.

So I need to know if my memory will work with my new mobo/psu ( I doubt the psu will effect memory )

Thanks a lot mate.

a b V Motherboard
March 18, 2012 1:29:55 PM

How many times do you need re-assurance that the memory will work?