Unable to Boot new system (have read stickied thread)

I've built a new PC for the first time and am now having problems booting passed the BIOS. My new hardware is:

ASUS P8H61-M PRO Motherboard
Intel Core i7-2600 3.4ghz
CoolerMaster 500w PSU (ATX 12v)

Upon attempting to boot passed BIOS I get a flash of blue screen then a forced restart. Windows Repair offers no solution. The blue screen doesn't last long enough for me to read, but I notice "Hard Drive" in all the jargon. I have attempted to connect the hard drive differently and the PC is aware that one isn't present until I reconnect it properly, leaving me to believe that the hard drive may not be the problem. I figured it was worth mentioning just incase.

The only thing I have been able to observe as the booting fails, is a red light on the motherboard labelled "DRAM_LED" flashing on and then off shortly after, and then the forced restart follows.

Looking in the BIOS I noticed something on the DRAM stats. There was a number highlighted in yellow which was more than the 1333mhz that my motherboard can handle based on what the BIOS is telling me (I actually don't know what this means or if it is a problem).

Any help you can offer is greatly appreciated, thank you for you time :)
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  1. Ok, here is some information.
    When you boot do you even get to the bios?
    If not then make sure you plug your ram stick in properly.
    But if you can boot into bios change the settings to default. and restart.

    Also Please list your the spec of ram you have.
  2. I get to the BIOS, as mentioned above. The RAM registers in the BIOS menu.
    4gb DDR3.
  3. Ok, when u r in the bios, did u select "Load defaults" if not, then do so. Also, list the type of hard drive you have and how you have it connected please.
  4. I tried loading defaults, still no luck. There is no flash of blue screen on restart any more though. Also when I try Windows Repair it suggests going back to a previous checkpoint. I imagine this wouldn't help, but I'm thinking it is more to do with simply trying to port my hard drive over from my old machine. It is a Seagate Barracuda 7200.9, 160gb. It came standard with my old PC which is over 6 years old.

    I've been able to survive with 160gb but to be honest I'll need a bigger one to accommodate the video editing I'll be planning to do with my new rig. I'll buy a new one tomorrow and see if that solves any issues.
  5. UPDATE: Yeah I installed a brand new Hard Drive and managed to boot up successfully. Had to spend an extra £150 on Hard Drive and OS but I was still within budget and was planning to buy both in the future so no loss. I can only imagine my old HD was having conflicts with my new rig. Thank you for your help :)
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