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Hi guys. I'm after some cpu advice.
Ive been to the HP site and got no info there, searched the net, with no luck, so i thought i'd try here.
I recently bought a new HP dv6-6b02AX laptop and would like to upgrade the cpu.
It currently has an A8 3530MX 1.9Ghz, but would like to know what would be the best to upgrade to (if possible)?
Cheers guys.
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  1. Sorry dude....ur A8 3530MX is already THE fastest APU that will ever fit inside your laptop. You can't upgrade your processor.

    You can add more RAM , or sell ypur lappy off and buy a new one, if that is monetarily feasible.

    PS:- Incase your buying a new lappy, the new AMD Trinity chips are reportedly 30% faster than Llano, have much better graphics and give longer battery life. :)
  2. you can overclock it with k10stat though. you have to be especially careful about heat though. do some Googling on the subject
  3. Thanks for the quick reply guys. I had a quick look at k10stat, looks interesting, may have a play with it over the next couple of days.
  4. Mind you....OC'ing a lappy is a really bad idea.....heat issues can quickly go out of hand.....hope u know what ur doing....all d best :)
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