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Hey guys,

I've just re-installed Windows 7 on my computer, and I've noticed that the volume is abnormally loud. Basically, last night when my volume was set to 20% on the volume control, the Facebook chat sounds were practically booming through my bedroom when playing out of my speakers. I turned the volume down on the speakers themselves, and it is still fairly loud, despite the speakers being almost muted.

However, even when I turn the volume on the Windows volume control to 0, sound still plays? It's not even "quiet", it's still quite clear when playing music. The mute function works fine, it's just when the volume is right down to 0. That's going through speakers and headphones.

I've tried reinstalling the drivers, no luck there. It's just the stock standard High Definition Audio Device drivers that come with Windows 7. And it's onboard audio, not a PCI sound card or anything.

If more details are needed, let me know and I'll post what I can. Hope someone can help out here. Thanks.
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    Might be slight incompatibility with the default W7 HD audio driver, install the latest version from the manufacturer.
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  3. Just checked this now, tried it and it worked! Thanks!
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