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What are my options for 3 30" monitors

I tried a Zotac card but it can only drive 2 of them
If I can't do it on one card, I will even get a motherboard with slots for 2 cards.
But I can't find an Intel board for that

Any sugestions?
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  1. amd cards support up to 6 displays.
  2. A single GPU is not enough for 3x30" monitors.get a 7970 crossfire!!
  3. even 2 of them would not give me 3 DVI ports or 2 DVI ports and one Displayport
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    Single graphics card supports 3 monitors 6970 2dvi+1hdmi or 2hdmi+1dvi or mini display port, if u have old system dont upgrade ,otherwise save money to build latest system
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    nI built a new computer based on i7 2600 (Not K) with 2 grapic cards.
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