Onboard graphics dead?

I had to install an old mobo in a system and format a drive because it de-authenticated the previous version of windows XP

After the install, the resolution was forced to low with 8 bit graphics and had no options to change it. The monitor was not detected, and after a restart the screen remains perfectly black after windows loads. I am unable to boot to safe mode as it stalls on Mup.sys.
Is this mobo fried?
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  1. you need to install a driver of your onboadr graphics model google you graphics model and download a driver.
    (simptoms) of dead onboard graphics that moniter does not showing any display so it's mean your onboard graphics is still a live.
  2. I thought that might be it, but I can't get safe mode to boot, how can I install the driverr
  3. Also, I've run linux on this mobo and it looks fine graphically. Does this say anything about the onboard graphics? It seems to be fine up until after the windows load bar where I just get a black screen. I enabled VGA mode and its the same.

    I've read that safe mode stalling at mup.sys could be a hardware compatability issue
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