Graphics thru Pioneer Receiver - TV - Monitor?

Okay, I seemed to fix my 35 foot run problem from my desktop across the room to the entertainment center. I removed the Ethernet/DVI adapters with a DVI/HDMI cable direct across the room at 18' and it worked. So, that said.....

I now have to decide how I want to hook-up my graphics from the computer to the stereo receiver (Pioneer VSX-52). I have the following questions:

1.) Regarding my motherboard, I have an HDMI out. I assume this HDMI out is 'bridge' between my graphics card and monitor and/or TV, correct? In otherwords, the graphics are still be produced by my graphics card (560 Ti), and not an on-board / motherboard graphics card?

2.) The receiver (Pioneer VSX-52), has enough HDMI inputs w/ pass through that I can hook my computer up to the Receiver and when I want to stream a movie on my computer to watch on my TV (Sony SXRD 60A2020). So, I am thinking about the following hook up:

a. For streaming through Computer onto my TV: From HDMI out (motherboard) to HDMI in (Receiver). (allow video and audio)
b. For audio only when playing my games on Computer: From Optical out (motherboard) to Optical in (Receiver). (audio only from Receiver)
c. For the Monitor (LCD): DVI out (graphics card) to DVI in (Monitor). (Internet Surfing, Playing Games, and using audio connect for sound under 'b')

Does this sound correct? I suppose I need to know if No. 1 - HDMI out from motherboard is using the graphics from my graphics card - 560 TI. I think the answer is 'yes', but wanted to get someone's thoughts.

Windows 7
Graphics Card 560 Ti
I5 Intel
Motherboard Gig GA-Z68XP-UD3
Monitor Samsung Syncmaster 225BW
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  1. 1) Usually when you have a GPU, your GPU displays output via it's HDMI output (if it has one) and not the motherboards IGP. Some motherboards allow the use of the onboard HDMI/DVI WITH a GPU as well - but they are quite rare.

    2) You should be able to use the HDMI output on your GPU to connect to your receiver and then from your receiver to your TV, sound should also work as HDMI carries both SOUND and VIDEO.

    Currently i have my laptop hooked up to my HD TV, VIA HDMI. It has both sound and video.

    Basically, you should only have to run 1 cable from your computer to your receiver. Although what settings - i'm not sure of since I don't use a receiver with HDMI in.
  2. Chainz,

    I hear yeah.... but, in this case my motherboard has an HDMI out, which is throwing me for a loop. I the motherboard HDMI out hooked to my Monitor and the display is very very good. My Graphics Card has two outs (DVI & DVI) which are idle right now. So, I planned to utilize the HDMI out on my motherboard for the receiver, and utilize one (1) of the DVI outs on my Graphics Card for the LCD Computer Monitor. And you're right, I only need one hook-up for my receiver, but I think by also choosing to connect the optical, I can have audio from my receiver without using the video/audio selection on the receiver. I suppose it is a duplication. But, doesn't hurt anything either.
  3. What exactly are you trying to do? Maybe i'm not understanding your question.

    Are you trying to hook up 2 different screens at the same time?

    As for your Card having only 2 DVI - DVI and HDMI are electrically the same and only need an adapter. For example you can get a DVI -> HDMI adapter.

    What is your exact video card? There might be DVI ->HDMI + optical adapters available.
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