Dell display port doesn't work with graphics card

I have a Dell desktop Optiplex 790. I recently started having a problem with dual monitor viewing. The problem is as follows: I have a graphics card (nVidia) as well as a built in display port and VGA output into the motherboard. I'm using a HDMI connection from monitor 1 to my nVidia graphics card and everything works fine. However, if I connect monitor 2 to either the display port (using a cable converter) or VGA output I get "No Signal" on the monitor. If I reboot, then only monitor 2 (the one connected to display port) will turn on, however the coloring scheme would be terrible. It is running something like a 16 bit color Windows scheme and the picture looks very distorted. However, if I boot into safe mode then the normal coloring scheme displays just fine. It seems that it will not run the display port and graphics card simultaneously. This is very strange since this was running just fine for the past 6 months....I also replaced the motherboard but the described above problem still occurs.

I'm running Windows 7 Professional. And it's not a problem with the monitors nor the cables.
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  1. are they both active in the bios the internal and the pci-e card
  2. Also, do you have all of the needed drivers? You should be able to acquire them from
  3. I would start with updating your nvidia and intel onboard graphics drivers, then you should check what the settings look like in the nvidia AND intel video control panels.
  4. I have updated the drivers for nVidia. How do I find out what kind of onboard drivers are needed so that I can get the proper ones?
  5. Thanks for the website. Should I choose "Dell Driver" or "AMD Driver"?

  6. for the internal choose the one that applied to your video chipset
  7. Ok, pardon my ignorance....but I'm assuming the internal one would be the Dell-Driver from the pic above?
  8. You have to take a look at your pc under manage devices. Most likely its just the dell driver-but you should make sure by either calling dell support or googling your mobo.
  9. I get an error message saying "This computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing this software" :(
  10. ..And you received this from the Dell onboard video drivers?
  11. Correct. I also notice that it says A09 on the install package...and I upgraded my BIOS to the latest A10. Not sure if that matters
  12. When I look up the Optiplex 790 on dells website, the onboard video from intel is listed as A07, I really dont think this means anything though.. can you uninstall your current onboard video drivers and then try installing the drivers again?
  13. the internal one is a radeon or the intel also latest bios correting bug in previous one
  14. Could be a power supply issue. 790s come with 265W or less. Driving two monitors maybe more than your configuration can power.
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