Question about IB and heat issues

Ok so i have been reading around and theres alot of stuff about how IB has really bad heat issues when overclocking.
Some of the posts/blogs have said its the TIM if this is the case intel should have fixed it.
My quetsion is have they? Are the latests batches of IB proccessors better?
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  1. I don't believe that they are intending to solve it.

    I've got mine clocked to 4.3 on air, and only hitting 74C on IBT/Prime and 63 on BF3, and i've a feeling that my cooler is being choked, so I'm going to rotate it. A friends machine that I built about 1 week ago was peaking at 40ish stock, on a freezer 13, so not serious cooling.

    Its only a problem if you are going for really high clocks.
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