Need some proffesional help with building a new PC

Hey guys . I'm not really sure if this is the category where I should post my issue , but I'll give it a try. (Tell me if i'm posting wrong anyway :D )

Well , I recently had in mind to buy a new pc (part by part).
But I'm not very good at this kind of thing , and I don't have lots of money so I don't wanna screw this up.

Well then , let's say I would afford to spend max 370 euros. ( 400 in emergency case). And btw , monitor NOT included in this price. (and let's say RAM neither)

Primary pc attribute would be gaming. So i want a performant gaming pc.

A powerful gaming graphic card around 100 euros.
Quad code processor
PSU , Motherboard , and rest of components all fully compatible with graphic card and everything else . I really don't want to screw this up :D Well then , guys , I'm really looking forward to your advices :D Thank you very much!
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  1. Prices are diferent from country to country. Where are you from?
    Give some sites from where you want to buy.
  2. 370 (400 emergency case)
    460 dollars ( 500 emergency case)
    1 500 RON ( 1 800 emergency case - RON is used in my country , Romania)

    I would buy from official sites , shipping price I don't think it would be that expensive.
    Romanian sites I don't know better ones , but I'll try to find some good stuff.
  3. the best site from Romania , free shipping.
    Fa-ti cont la ei pe site si care un ajutor , te vor ajuta baietii sunt foarte de treaba.
  4. Hehe mersi mult de tot :D

    Problem solved.
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