Identical computers - Different performance

Hello! Me and my friend have identical school laptops with an Intel core 2410M cpu and Intel HD 3000.
But his computer is significantly faster than mine!
We have equal free space on our harddrives and equal amount of free ram when no foreground programs are running.
We are using the same performance scheme and other settings are similar.
None of us are overclocking or modifying our hardware in any other way.
Do you have any idea why this is happening or how we can find out why it is happening?
If yes, do you have a solution?
Any guess is as good as ours, since we both have no idea..
Thank you in advance!

Oh, was this supposed to go in Discusson? Then I'm sorry!
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  1. Is there a possibility for a clean install of OS ?

    And what about av do you 2 run the same av ?
    Startup programs ?
    And how are you noticing the performance difference exactly?
  2. Power options -> High Performance
  3. MajinCry said:
    Power options -> High Performance

    "We are using the same performance scheme and other settings are similar."
    From what i understand from the op both of them have the same power option, im assuming they both have it set to high performance.
  4. Hi :)

    Specs would help INCLUDING all software loaded...

    All the best Brett :)
  5. Also remember not everything is the SAME.
  6. It can be a virus.
  7. different hard drives ( rpm ) or Hd vs SSD ?
  8. Thanks for the quick response!
    1.There is a possibility of a fresh install of os but that can not happen until school starts in 6 weeks
    2.We are using the same av (Pre installed by the school)
    3.About the same startup programs, not much at all
    4.The difference in permformance is noticed when launching and running large programs such as visual studios 2010 and when playing games. For example my computer is lagging in the menus of the games and his is running smooth when rendering heavy explosions.
    5. since it is school computers the are identical as i've mentioned before.
    6. Specs:
    Windows 7 professional 32 bit (6.1 build 7601)
    4 gb ram
    DirectX 11
    intel hd graphics 3000
    HDD: 5400 rpm 300 gb
    antivirus: sophos protection

    I have one more question.
    My friend has turned of "On acces scanning" but should that really cause such major differences?

    Thanks again for response
  9. Best answer
    Yes a huge effect.

    On access scanning means your pc is continuously scanning for viruses/malaware the whole time the pc is turned on.

    Thus resulting you in using some of the performance to scan for viruses while your friend has more free cpu usage to utilize.
  10. maybe your friend has a 64bit os and you are stuck on 32bit?
  11. Thanks alot serenatous!
    I had no idea that it slowed it down that much!
    Problem solved
    I'm happy :D
  12. But does it make the computer more vulnerable to disable it?
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