Sapphire 7970 - cli.implementation error

Hello, i just got my sapphire 7970 and upon playing a few games suddenly when I start the computer again CCC is not on the Taskbar so I try to open it manually and I get the following error message:

"Could not load file or assembly cli.implementation or one of its dependencies.The system cannot find the file specified"

After some quick research I found this was related to .Net Framework so I unninstalled the catalyst drivers and used driver sweeper to clean everything that may have been left. then I removed every version of net framework from my computer using some microsoft tool, rebooted, installed it again, installed CCC and rebooted again.

Sadly, i still have the exact same message!

Please help!

(btw the display drivers work)

Windows 7 64bit sp1
I7 870 OC
Sapphire 7970
Velociraptor 300gb
P7p55d pro motherboard
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  1. does it affect youe performance in anything like desktop/game performance
  2. newbie1337 said:
    does it affect youe performance in anything like desktop/game performance

    No, but I cant acess all the functionalities of the catalyst Control Center, like Overdrive and the 3d app settings, which is a HUGE bummer for me :(
  3. And I also cant overclock without it which is a :non:
  4. Re-install .NET framework completely with all updates. Then re-install CCC (or whatever they call it these days). It probably needs .NET, but I don't know for sure.
  5. Ok, so I repaired .net framework 4, installed .net framework 4.5 preview, uninstalled ccc, sweeped for leftovers, and installed it again.

    It works now! :3
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