Help on new computer build.

i just wanted some advice for a 850$ gaming computer RIG for WoW and skyrim and Bf3! i will spend as much as 900$ if needed. thanks guys!
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  1. Approximate Purchase Date: Some time this week at least by friday.

    Budget Range: (e.g.: 800-900) Before Rebates

    System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming WoW, Bf3, and Skyrim

    Parts Not Required: Keyboard and mouse

    Preferred Website(s) for Parts:,

    Country: United States
    Parts Preferences: Doesn't matter as long as they are all compatible.

    Overclocking: Yes / No / Maybe

    SLI or Crossfire: Yes / No / Maybe

    Monitor Resolution: I just want a 1080p with 21.5"-23" has to have a HDMI port

    Additional Comments: I want it to run WoW really smooth, with no lag. and also i like the color's on the fans. And i have a list of parts right now and i want to see what you guy's think of them




    DVD burner:

    Hard Drive:


    I wan't opinions on how much RAM i will need And a Nice Video card, with HDMI port. thanks guys!
  2. Hey. How much ram you NEED well in all honestly you really don't NEED more then 4gs. However it sometimes helps to have more and is super cheap right now. So 8gs should be fine and is what I'm using for my build. As for video card how much are you looking to spend on it?
  3. Um i can spend up to 125$ i think. does this build look good for bf3?
  4. Alright. At the parts you have listed your looking at 711 dollars. With ram around 750 dollars. You will need a os ( Operating system) Which runs about 100 dollars on newegg. Which will bring you to 850. So let me know is your still spending 125 dollars on a card. Which generally you want to get a card thats around the same price as your processor ( Roughly for bottlenecking purposes) But a cheaper one will be fine until you can upgrade. Let me remind you that a Gpu is key to gaming though. If you need to make room for money you can get a cheaper case for sure. Look for deals on things to from newegg you can save alot of cash. As for gaming you will have no problems runnning wow on ultra being I ran it on ultra using a 400 dollar gaming pc lol. Bf3 should run fine depending on your card though. So for 110 the Radeon HD 6770 is a pretty good card. for 130 Radeon HD 6790 is a good card. And at 150 AMD's Radeon HD 6850 and GeForce GTX 460 1 GB 256-bit. Now you can get better cards if you have more money but for the price those are some good cards. Personally I'm getting the GTX 460. Keep in mind I'm not a super genius I just research alot and know some from building my own pcs. Get some opinions from other people to. But find 8gs of ram. A os if you don't have one. And keep in mind the GTX 460 if you have the cash.
  5. okay can you get me a build that would run wow great? any price
    or one that's around 900$? i want to know from someone with some brains in technology ;D
  6. Honestly if your mainly playing wow then you can plug a phone charger into a cardboard box and run it on ultra. ...:P All kidding aside though wow is really is to max. Bf3 will be a tad harder. I can give you a build for around 500-600 that will max wow no issues. Or a 800-950 build that will max almost all games.
  7. 800-950 that will maxx all :D that would be awsome man :D
  8. Hey logan welcome to the forums.

    You cpu is great its all you need to play bf3 and any other game on the market. Good choice there. I see you bought the i5 2500k, you will be fine with the stock cooler if you dont plan to overclock right away. But if you do i would pick up the hyper 212 for $30. Sometimes its easier to buy it right away for you dont have to take everything apart again later. But your case has a back CPU plate cutout so it shouldnt be any problem for you to install later.

    That case is fine looks like it has good wire management, cooling, and expand-ability.

    I highly recommend the ASUS boards, i have one and love it. They have great features and a very easy to use bios. I would recommend this board instead tho for 5 bucks more. You get side sata cables, so they dont interfer with the graphics card. You also get another pci- express port.

    If you can throw a lil more money in the budget this is a better one :
    Has pci 3.0 express slots which supposely kepler is supposed to support, and also fits the new ivy bridge CPU coming out.

    Get this HDD, instead its the same price and a better brand.

    I recommend you get 8gb, thats all you will ever need. RAM is pretty cheap. You can get 8gb for 50 bucks. I use this RAM and have no problems whatsoever with it. Plus the blue matches the mobo perfectly.

    For a video card i recommend atleast a gtx 560 for a smooth bf3 experience. But its going to cost you about $225

    You may be able to go cheaper with raiden or a cheaper brand but i really only know about the nivida cards so i cant recommend you a card from there side since im not to familiar with them all. But bf3 is a really gpu intensive game so you going to have to spend a bit to get a smooth experience at 1080

    Once we can figure out a graphics card for you we can get into a powersupply but that all depends on your graphics card.
  9. is there anything cheaper, for the video card? i really can't spend that much :P
  10. gtx 560 is a great card if you can buy it for sure. My friend just bought one and is very happy with it. If the price dosen't work I know that Radeon HD 6870 is a pretty close opponent to the 560 for a lower price. It all depends on how much you can spend. If you have the cash for the Gtx 560 keep in mind that the AMD Radeon HD 7850 is coming out on the 19th.
  11. The 6870 is at 170 currently.
  12. okay i think im going to go with the radeon HD 6870 how will that do for WoW? and BF3
  13. Wow should max out no problem. I don't play bf 3 myself I've played it at my friends. I'm sure Neal can cover that though. I know it will play Bf 3 not sure if it will max it. It's only slightly less powerful the the 560 so you should be fine.
  14. okay, what else do i need?
  15. Do you have a operating system ( Windows 7)
  16. yeah, what about a graphics card like the other man said?

    or do i already have one... sorry im not very techsavy yet.
  17. That Radeon hd 6870 is the graphics card. ( Video card) or Gpu. There all the same thing. :}
  18. okay ;D i see :P so that should be everything?
  19. Okay, so what the case has a built in power supply is 450w enough or should i get a different case and power supply
  20. Yeah here I'll give you the overall all build we have so far with the price.
    CPU: [...] _-19115072

    CASE: [...] 6811147053

    Motherboard: [...] 6813131786

    DVD burner: [...] 6827106289

    Hard Drive: [...] 6822136769

    monitor: [...] 6824236079
    Ram: [...] 6820104173

    And you have the Operating system? If so your at 931 dollars.
  21. You CAN use the case, but do NOT use the PSU - it is a no-name brand that gives unreliable power. Corsair, XFX, or Seasonic for PSU - always.
  22. all the links are broken say's 404 error.
  23. He didn't hyperlink the websites correctly - just search for the N number on newegg, Logan.
  24. Ah that's right you need a Psu also.
  25. I know they have a deal on a 500w Psu for like 30 bucks with 10 dollars off + mir. What do you think about that one Azeem? I think it's Corsair.
  26. The case is great, but the PSU sucks. Get a XFX, Corsair, or Seasonic PSU 80+ BRONZE or higher (can never get tired saying this). :b
  27. thanks so much man :D so over all this looks like a good build???

    i will post if you want to review it! i just really want a good gaming computer :P and pro's like you guy's to evaluate it.
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